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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

The bisse Stägärru (Suone)

The bisse Stägärru , also called Stägärraz was already mentioned in 1572 and runs from Jolibach to the West.

The water catchment of Stägärru is located 400 m above Niedergesteln in the seemingly prehistoric Jolibach. In 2001 the catchment had to be re-blasted in the rock, as the old catchment has been torn away by the wild Jolibach.
From the new catchment, the water flows through a rock-hewn 50 m long tunnel of approximately 2.5 m height, then the water is divided into the Stägärru and the Luegjärru.

Stägärru and Luegjärru were completely renovated in 1998. The plastic tubes were removed, old dry stone masonry and catchment borders replaced and the sand traps newly constructed. The costs amounted to CHF 180'000.- . The expenses were payed by the Canton of Valais, the Federal government, Swiss Landscape Funds and the municipalities Hohtenn and Niedergesteln .