Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Tälli Hut

The unique alpine trail from Naters to Blatten led over the Gibidum bridge, along the Massa river and then over the glacier to the Üssere Aletschji. During the period of the glacier high extension they went from there through the Triftschlüecht up to the Trift, then followed a steep rocky path and arrived at the edge of the ice. At that time the Oberaletsch glacier and the Great Aletsch glacier were vaster and merged. Here they crossed the Oberaletsch glacier and got so to the Aletschji. After crossing the ice, they reached the first alp of the Innere Aletschji, the Tälli. From here, the path led further to the alps Driest, Ze Baechu and finally to the Olme near to the Mittelaletsch glacier. Not only cows were herded in the Innere Aletschji, they kept there also pigs. The milk was produced to cheese, which was stored in a cheese cellar built of stones below the Tälli hut. For transportation they used at that time horses or mules.

In the Tälli and Driest huts the former shepherds carved with the knife dates, initials and number of animals. The oldest date in the Tälli hut is 1811, the most recent 1918. In the Driest hut there are the figures of the years 1827 and 1904.

Until the beginning of the 1920s cows were herded in the Innere Aletschji, after that only cattle. End of the 1960s the path to the Innere Aletschji had to be given up because it was impossible to cross, due to the continuing shrinking of the Great Aletsch glacier.