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Suone Grossa in Niedergesteln

The bisse Grossa was first mentioned in 1654 and caught in the Chinegga at the Jolibach. The water catchment is often buried by rubble and debris by the wild Jolibach and requires permanent maintenance. The famous hiking trail "Lötschberg southern ramp" leads on the section Chinegga up to Triestbord along the board of the Suone Grossa. This hike offers an insight into the depths of the wild Joli gorge. On the Triestbord the bisse Grossa can be lead back into the Jolibach. Earlier this return flow joined the Jolibach between the catchments of Stägärru- and Lüägjäru in order to make the water available in the Lüägjäru. The Grossa was completely renovated in 2001 and 2002. The old dry stone masonry and catchment boarders were renewed. The costs amounted to CHF 200.000.-. The expenses were covered by the Canton of Valais, the Federal government, the Swiss Landscape Fund and the municipality Niedergesteln.

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    Hike along the Lötschberg southern approach
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