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The Suone Brägjäru and Thelsuon

The bisses Brägjäru and Thelsuon was first mentioned in 1522 and flows from Jolibach under the powerful “Bragrand” towards East. The distributor is placed above “Brägji”. For Thelsuon has been allocated as much water as an “egg could roll on the channel”. The water was so precious! The distributor fixed the quantum for each Suon, and it is well known that “blood is thicker than water”, the Thelsuon will get its share only with the “egg measure”, a unit you find nowhere else. Whether the “egg water” for Ritziboden and the Gertschenmatten near the Rarnerchummu was enough, is written on another sheet. 
The Brägjäru has been completely renovated in 2000, the old dry stone masonry and the catchment borders were renewed, the plastic tubes removed and replaced again by the original wood channels. The costs amounted to CHF 220'000.-. The expenses were borne by the Canton of Valais, the Federal Government, the Swiss Landscape Fund and the municipality of Niedergesteln.