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Reconstruction of the Riederi

The bisse Riederi was first put into operation in 1835 and brought the water of the Massa river to the fields in Ried-Mörel. Without this holy water (glacier milk) a cultivation of the fields was simply impossible. Therefore, all farmers had to help to keep the joint bisse operational through the dangerous depths of the Massa gorge. In addition, the channels had to be controlled, maintained and continuously freed from sand. The “Sander” was responsible for this extremely dangerous task. He was chosen and paid by the community.

The bisse was abandoned after the opening of the water tunnel through the Riederhorn in 1945.

In connection with the opening of the Massa trail single sections were repaired in order to illustrate to guests our ancestor’s masterpieces accomplished just a few time ago.

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    The Massa Trail – following the trail of the Sander
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