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Mountain Farming Grindelwald (Mountain Community Grindel)

In front of you extend the meadows (Vorsass) of the mountain community Grindel. The beautiful landscape in the Grindelwaldvalley with alpine meadows and pastures and scattered farm buildings is the result of centuries of work the seven mountain communities of Grindelwald have done and are still doing. The agricultural land use is done in three stages: the home farms in the valley are complemented by the use of subalpine meadows and the alps in summer.
In early summer the subalpine meadows are grazed and in midsummer the cattle pastures on the alps at even higher level. Already ahead of time, the farmers in Grindelwald have specialized on dairy and cheese production. The seven mountain communities in Grindelwald maintain the Alps with laborious work and also according to strict rules. These rules, which were first written down in 1404 in the so-called “Taleinungsbrief”, serve to avoid an excessive use (overuse) of the alps. The main principle is that a farmer may send only so much livestock for summer grazing to the alps, as he is able to feed in winter down in the valley. In this way it is achieved that only as much cattle is sent to the alps, as it is possible to feed in the area. To the mountain rights are also linked obligations: The co-owners of the mountain communities contribute yearly with work to the maintenance of the alps, called “Tagwannen” (corresponding to 8-12 hours per cow and summer).


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