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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Bisse Lüegjeru (Suone)

Until 1999, the bisse Lüägjäru, known since 1522, had its own, difficult  water catchment in the Jolitobel, which was abandoned in 2000. Today the Lüägjäru receives the water from the Stägärru. The Lüägjäru flows approximately 100 m beneath the Stägärru. These two irrigation channels have an important protective function for the village Niedergesteln. On the one hand, two green bands grow along the Suonen on the otherwise dry hillside and on the other hand they serve as gutters during heavy rains. The Stägärru and the Lüägjäru were completely renovated in 1998. The plastic tubes were removed, the old dry stone masonry and the catchment boarders were renewed and new sand traps constructed. The costs amounted to CHF 180.000.-. The expenses were covered by the Canton of Valais, the Federal government, the Swiss Landscape Fund and the municipalities Hohtenn and Niedergesteln.