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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Bann Cross in the Aletschji

The Great Aletsch glacier was useful in former trail routing. The alps of the Innere Aletschji were reached with cows and cattle from the Üsseren Aletschji across the ice. However, the Great Aletsch glacier could be very uncomfortable. Namely in 1653 it advanced enormously. In order to prevent the glacier from further advancing, a procession was carried out. Under the guidance of two bareheaded Jesuit Fathers from Brig they walked to the “Place of Evil" and sprinkled holy water on the ice. But the Great Aletsch glacier advanced in the following years inexorably and reached in 1678 a peak. In 1818, the Great Aletsch glacier threatened the belongings in the Üsseren Aletschji again. In order to banish the icy monster and to prevent it from further advancing, a wooden cross was erected on the "Baselflie".