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Säumerweg Moos

At the time when the residents of Naters, Birgisch and Mund were living from mountain agriculture and moving back and forth in accordance with the seasons between the residence in the valley, the mountain and sub-alpine pastures, they needed well-made paths.

An impressive proof of this mule tracks can be discovered between Naters and the hamlet Moos. The mule tracks which were created in countless hours as a joint venture of the farmers, are a striking evidence of diligence, endurance and craftsmanship of our ancestors. The performance is even more impressive considering that the builders had no technical tools available and the whole tracks were built-up entirely by hand.

Along the mule track in Natischerberg you will witness the deep religiosity of the mountain farmers. On the territory of the parish Naters (encompassing municipalities Naters and Birgisch) totally 56 so-called "Kapällini» (wayside shrines). Most of them were constructed upon the initiative of faithful inhabitants and were often dedicated to the cross of Jesus, the Holy Family or the Saint Antonius. The wayside shrines should invite the hikers to a minute of silent prayer.

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