Convent of St John in Müstair

1 day at the Convent of St. John in Müstair: World Heritage²

Immerse yourself in the World Heritage: a one-day programme awaits you to spend with family or friends in the world of the Convent of St. John!

Programme suggestion to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Benedictine Convent of St John in Müstair" in one day.


08:29 - 12:22 World Heritage Line with the Rhaetian railway

The World Heritage line, opened in 1903, leads from Thusis through spectacular helical tunnels and viaducts to St. Moritz. Over 62 kilometres, the Rhaetian Railway climbs over 1000 metres in altitude across the Albula Valley.

On the subsequent stretch, surrounded by imposing mountains, it continues to Zernez. A highlight in itself is the scenic ride by post bus over the Ofen Pass to Müstair to the UNESCO World Heritage property Benedictine Convent of St. John. The morning offers not only breathtaking surroundings, but also two experiences in different UNESCO World Heritage properties in Switzerland!


13: 30 - 14.30 Guided tour of the Convent St. John Müstair

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage property on a guided tour of the church, Holy Cross Chapel and monastery museum, or explore the area with all its nooks and crannies for yourself. The guided tour will open up the 1200-year-old world of images in the monastery church and give you an insight into the history and art treasures of the Benedictine nuns of Müstair. The monastery church contains the largest and best-preserved mural painting cycle from the early Middle Ages. 


14:30 - 10:00 Remain next to the World Heritage property with a view!

Spend the night at Chasa Chavalaina in Müstair! The almost 770-year-old hotel on the Ofen Pass connecting Graubünden and South Tyrol has made history. The guest room made of Swiss stone pine shines in all its old splendour. The tables and chairs in the restaurant are the same as before, even the traditional kitchen is unchanged and offers space for eight guests. Every move, and every renovation in the hotel was made with feeling and care and in close consultation with experts and local craftsmen. The spacious garden behind the house is enchanting, with its summer flowers and the tranquillity of the place, a welcome retreat for city dwellers and those seeking peace and quiet! Another option is to stay directly in the World Heritage property: the  Convent St. John in Müstair has a cosy guest house.


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