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Geological phenomena trail Kerenzerberg

We invite you to the geologist training at the romantic Talalpsee!

In October 2015, the Geological phenomena Trail was renewed and new information boards explaining the geological phenomena were installed. The trail leads from the Habergschwänd mountain station via Talalpsee and Spaneggsee to the Fronalp Pass and partly follows the official Sardona World Heritage Trail No. 73, so you can learn how glaciers grind rocks, how moraines are formed, how the local rocks write climate histories, and you can read interesting facts about caves, Talalpsee and the Hellloch Doline.

The trail between Habergschwänd and Talalpsee measures 2 kilometers. On this short stretch you can find rocks with an age difference of up to 100 million years. All of them were formed as deposits on the bottom of a sea. Most of them are limestone. In various places they contain fossilized former sea creatures, e.g. assilines. In some places whole "animal graveyards" can be found.

A beautiful and eventful 2-day round trip hike results from combining the Geophenomene Trail with the Schabziger Trail.

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Short Info
9 km
3 hours 30 min.
Start altitude
1'278 m a.s.l.
End altitude
1'582 m a.s.l.
769 m
470 m
Lowest point
1'086 m a.s.l.
Highest point
1'855 m a.s.l.

Restaurant Talalpsee

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    to Habergschwänd
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    Geological phenomena trail Kerenzerberg
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    Return trip
    from Näfels-Mollis
  • From Näfels train station by bus to Filzbach / Sportzentrum, from there by chairlift to Habergschwänd mountain station.

    From Fronalp or from Mullern / Alpenrösli by cab bus back to Näfels.