Guided tour
Tectonic Arena Sardona

Geo City Walk Glarus

Discover fossils on a walk through the town of Glarus!

"Experience geology" sounds like mountain climbing and scrambling. It doesn't have to be. On a leisurely stroll through Glarus, a geological phenomenon awaits you at almost every house corner: fossilised spiral snails or arthropods from the dinosaur era in the town hall fountain, stone slabs full of oysters from nearby Wiggis as the plinth of a house façade. You can even get a close look at a shark in the middle of Glarus: In a window frame hewn from shell limestone, you can count shark teeth at your leisure. Ask at the visitor centre for the overview map with background information on the various stations.

Short Info
1 km
45 min.
Start altitude
472 m a.s.l.
End altitude
472 m a.s.l.
2 m
2 m
Lowest point
471 m a.s.l.
Highest point
473 m a.s.l.

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    to Glarus, Bahnhof
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    Geo City Walk Glarus
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    Return trip
    from Glarus, Bahnhof
  • From Zurich/ Chur on the A3, turn off at Niederurnen onto the E17 to Glarus, paid parking at the Glarus train station.