Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

Ansaina water trail

In the interplay between rest and relaxation, observation and activity, exploration and contemplation, you form emotional bonds with the element of water. On the ansaina water trail, which repeatedly offers views on the Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage line, water can be experienced in all its many facets at 11 stations. In addition to sulphur iron springs, the Landwasser Viaduct is also a highlight of the theme trail. The whole tour takes about 2 ½ hours.

  • A Parc Ela hiking map at a scale of 1 : 50 000 is available at the tourist offices in Parc Ela.
  • The water trail is also suitable as an excursion for schools.
  • The Parc Ela Association offers guided excursions on request.
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    Ansaina water trail
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  • Blue water trail signs signal the theme trail throughout. Information boards point out the posts. The route with the posts can also be found in the Parc Ela App.