Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

The Zentriegen House

The striking stepped gable of the Zentriegen house dominates the image of Raron village. It was constructed in 1536/37 by the renowned architect Ulrich Ruffiner upon request of the Governor Johannes Zentriegen. The last major renovation was carried out in 2004/05. In addition to living space for the family Zentriegen, the stately building hosted three additional apartments, the Burgerstube Raron and a small prison on the ground floor. Due to the five floors, one of the longest spiral staircases of the Valais can be found in the Zentriegen house. It takes you over 12 turns and 68 steps to the exit towards the Bogenhalde, a far less arduous way to the castle church. This exit at the top of the building was made possible by its location on the steep slope.

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