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Southern Alpine Tulip (Gredetschtal)

The Southern Alpine Tulip (Tulipa australis – Fam. Liliaceae) is a perennial plant and gets 8 – 45 cm high. The 2 – 3 gray-green leaves are usually alternate, somewhat fleshy, furrowed and narrow. The external of the six yellow petals are colored slightly carmine to golden, the inner ones show dark longitudinal stripes.
The Southern Alpine Tulip is growing on dry to humid, moderate fertile mountain meadows and pastures as well as on humid rock ledges. In Switzerland the distribution of the tulip is restricted to the Upper Valais. In the World Heritage Region it can be found between Naters and Blatten, near Mund, near Gebidem reservoir and in the Aletsch Forest.
The striking flowers can be observed between April and June. The Management Centre launched a project to protect and foster the Southern Alpine Tulip populations in the World Heritage Region


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