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An experience is the visit and guided tour in the Landesplattenberg Engi, the old slate mine in the Sernftal. A slide show inside the mountain (11 °C) illustrates, among other things, the hard work that used to be done here. You can also experience the exceptional acoustics away from any background noise.

In addition to the guided tours, the concerts and events in the Landesplattenberg are also very popular. Guided tours for registered groups take place almost daily. In summer, guided tours for individuals are also offered on a regular basis. They last 2.5 hours.



Sturdy shoes, warm clothes; the temperature in the Landesplattenberg is 11 °C.

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    to Engi, Landesplattenberg
  • The Engi visitor pavilion is located directly at the stop. The mine entrance is about 15 minutes away on foot.