Convent of St John in Müstair

Virtual visit - Müstair

Exploring the church on your screen allows you to view many detailed pictures and read detailed descriptions of the church furnishings, architecture and paintings. The tour gives you the possibility to see inside the inaccessible rooms of the church, such as the gallery and roof structure. On the gallery there is a monumental Carolingian fresco depicting the Last Judgement, and in the roof space there are the remains of the Carolingian frescoes discovered in 1894 by Josef Zemp and Robert Durrer by the light of a lantern. Thanks to the virtual tour you can now „fly up“ into the roof space and explore even that part of the church.

Furthermore the overview plan of the wall paintings enables you to better understand the story told in the church. You can jump directly from one scene to the other.

By navigating through the tour you can zoom in on each picture of the world's largest and best preserved cycle of wall painting of the early Middle Ages. The history of the convent church can thus be experienced virtually with a simple click.

Even though the special atmosphere and lighting of the church interior can only be captured digitally to a limited extent, the Foundation Pro Kloster St Johann in Müstair is convinced that this virtual tour offers a unique opportunity to bring the convent church of Müstair into the living rooms of many people.

We wish everyone a pleasant tour through the convent church!

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