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Diday and Calame Memorial Stone

In the 18th and 19th century the Reichenbach valley attracted the most famous landscape painters, draftsmen and engravers from Europe. The artists were fascinated by the peculiar character of the landscape, combining wilderness with lovely sceneries. Paintings and engravings with motifs from the Reichenbach valley were spread quickly throughout Europe. Significant works originated, inter alia from Gabriel Lory father and son, Johann Ludwig Aberli, Joseph Anton Koch, Franz Niklaus König, Johann Ludwig Bleuler and Samuel Birman. Among the many artists who have visited the area and retained its natural beauty with a paintbrush or pencil, two Swiss landscape painters particularly stick out. François Diday from Geneva (the picture shows his oeuvre "Wellhorn and Rosenlaui glacier") and his student from Neuchâtel Alexandre Calame were inspired in the Rosenlaui area to create diligent compositions that are considered perfect illustrations of the mountain world. A memorial stone near the Hotel Rosenlaui is dedicated to the two artists.