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Clà Ferrovia trail game: The lost whistle

This offer is available in German only

More than 100 years ago, railroad pirate Clà Ferrovia lost his beautiful whistle in the railroad village in Bergün.

He needs this whistle to let the steam trains of the Rhaetian Railway depart on time. Unfortunately, the whistle has not been found until today, and the pirate Clà Ferrovia would need it urgently. Children can help him find the whistle at the Albula Railway Museum in Bergün.

At the desk of the Albula Railway Museum there is a mini-booklet that helps to find the lost whistle on the Clà Ferrovia Tour. There are 10 adventure sites on the tour and children get to know various characters such as the railroad cook Cucini Gramper, the Bergün dwarves from Crap Fess, the Tatzelwurm, the mountain fairy or the squirrel.

If all tasks are solved, a small reward awaits at the end. 

Good luck with the search!


Further information and offers on Clà Ferrovia can be found at Clà Ferrovia | the children's conductor of the Rhaetian Railway ( or at

Albula Railway Museum
Veja Stazion 11
7482 Bergün