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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Castle church St. Romanus

Following the floods of river Bietsch between 1414 and 1494, the church of the village was so strongly damaged that the residents in 1505 decided, influenced significantly by the bishop and later Cardinal Matthäus Schiner, to build the church on the castle hill in order to be protected from future floods. 

The well-known architect Ulrich Ruffiner, who constructed under Cardinal Schiner several religious buildings in the Valais, was responsible for the construction of the "nova turris", the new parish church in Raron between 1512-1518. Thereby the existing tower from the 12th century was included in the planning.
The castle church was restored last time between 1970 - 1972. Especially noteworthy are the many frescoes, which partly reappeared only during the restoration of 1970. The most famous and at the same time frightening fresco dates from the late Middle Ages and shows the dance of death at the Last Judgment.

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