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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Castle Area (Burgschaft) Niedergesteln

The castle area (Burgschaft) called "gentes infra castrum" was first mentioned in 1376 and is located between the mighty ruins of Gestelnburg and the Pürudorf. The old buildings, tanned by the sun or radiant in white plaster are nestled in compact, terraced rows on the castle rocks. You can visit the castle area with narrow cobbled streets and admire the variety of earlier architecture in a small space. Niedergesteln was at that time the most important settlement in the German part of the Valais. Noble families, relatives or people related by marriage to the family Von Turn, feud people like De Embda, De Mont and supposedly the most famous minstrel of the Valais, Mr. Rubin, lived in large, magnificent stone houses in Gesteln.

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