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Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio

Virtual tour to discover the "Trasparenti"

The virtual tour to discover the "Trasparenti" along the itinerary of the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio.

The virtual visit to discover the "Transparenti" along the route of the Holy Week processions in Mendrisio. Experience walking through the streets of the old town of Mendrisio illuminated by the large " Trasparenti ", and get up close and personal with the details of these precious objects.

The transmission of a living tradition, of know-how, as well as the transmission of the values that make a tradition on the UNESCO representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage unique and therefore particularly valuable, are indispensable. Technology today offers us the tools to get closer to people and to be able to tell the story of a heritage that has endured and been handed down for over 400 years.

Please have a look at the virtual tour at the following LINK.
A project realised in collaboration with neeo3D