The World Heritage as a learning space

In the study of the 13 UNESCO World Heritage properties, teachers and learners discover a variety of interdisciplinary educational opportunities. From teaching aids from various publishing houses to guided tours of the World Heritage Sites with the guides, everything is available for their lessons and/or the next week of projects. The focus of these out-of-school learning places is on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and NMG. Where does your educational journey begin?

World Heritage properties are among the most important contemporary testimonies on the planet. Many legacies are due to our ancestors. But nature has also contributed to the fact that World Heritage properties continue to amaze us. Throughout Switzerland, four natural and nine cultural assets have been designated on the UNESCO World Heritage List. As unique as each site is in itself, it has one thing in common: the universal value it shares with the world community.

Our descendants are the protagonists of the future, which is why education and awareness of natural and cultural heritage are crucial. This not only promotes awareness of all our heritage, but at the same time enables mutual respect, dialogue and exchange between cultures.

The following offers for teachers and learners can be found here: