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Wefa House

The «Wefahüs» from the 13/14th century is the most outstanding houses among the privately restored houses in the castle area of Niedergesteln. The name «Wefahüs» derives from the last inhabitant, Genovefa Imboden, called «Wefi» who lived in the house together with her sister Magdalena until 1965.
The medieval building substance has been largely maintained at the first conversion in the 17th century. Therefore «Wefahüs» represents one of the most important testimony of living culture of past periods in the Valais.  During the restoration by the foundation Pro Castellione end of the 20th century tensions between past and present, and between "old" and "modern" has been created intentionally. The structure of the house and the original character have been preserved. Small changes to the facade were only made if they were indispensable for the new use. The house is now a museum, showing watches by Oswald Bregy, and changing, temporary exhibitions as well as other premises, documenting the life of past periods. 


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