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Saffron Museum

The Zehndenstadel is a barn from 1437, one of the oldest wooden structures in the Valais. The Saffron Museum is located therein since 2007 and is a museum within the museum. At this landmark of the village we find almost all construction features of economy buildings from the late Middle Age like square timbers (Abroste) running parallel to the sloping roof, Maltese cross carved into the gable pillar, irregular advanced beams. Previously the farmers delivered here their payment in kind (e.g. tithes of grain) to the authorities. Look at the equipment used for the cultivation and harvesting of saffron and obtain information regarding harvesting, saffron products and the uniqueness of the saffron culture in Mund (double culture saffron / winter rye). A small field is set up in the museum, on which the annual cycle of saffron culture is exposed. In a short film "Mund and its Saffron” you immerse into the world of saffron culture.

Safranzunft Mund
Albert Eliane
3903 Mund