Monte San Giorgio

Meride Beach

Experience Triassic Park - Virtual Reality

Walk on the beach of Meride in the Middle Triassic period, 240 million years ago. Admire the animals that inhabited it and gaze in amazement at the magnificent tropical coastal and seascape landscape. You will see large terrestrial reptiles with a slightly eerie roar and beautiful winged insects flying around you, with which you can even interact.

A unique, exciting and amazing animated experience will take you back in time. The astonishment felt in front of a remote moment of life, in short a piece of our history!

Technical details: modelling and animation of the terrestrial reptiles Ticinosuchus ferox and Macrocnemus, the insects Dasyleptus and Tintorina, the scorpion Protochactas and the plants Voltzia, Ptilozamites, Neocalamites, Elatocladus and Taeniopteris.

Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio
Via Bernardo Peyer 9
6866 Meride
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