Tectonic Arena Sardona

Hellloch-Sinkhole in the Hintertal

Discover the gigantic sinkhole on the Geophenomena Trail Kerenzerberg!

A few metres to the west of the hiking trail lies a huge sinkhole from an underground cave system - the Hellloch Sinkhole! With a diameter of around 20 m, it is the largest sinkhole in the Tectonic Arena Sardona. The continuous dissolving of limestone creates intricate underground passages along fractures and fissures. These cavities can collapse near the surface and create so-called sinkholes.

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    to Filzbach (Habergschwänd Talst)
  • From Näfels train station take the bus to Filzbach / Sportzentrum, from there take the chairlift to Habergschwänd mountain station, follow the geophenomena trail on foot. The Hellochdoline is located shortly behind the romantic lake of Talalpsee.