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Grosse Scheidegg

The pass Grosse Scheidegg lies between Grindelwald and the valley Reichenbach. The ridge is the watershed between the two valleys, characterized with moor landscapes and amphibian spawning areas on their slopes. The Grosse Scheidegg is agriculturally used since long time. The Alp Scheidegg is the property of the mountain community Scheidegg in Grindelwald. It comprises seven “Sennten” (alpine farms) with four pastures each, ready for grazing at different times. The alp is one of the most beautiful and best accessible for grazing in the valley. It is grazed 100 days per year with 266 livestock units (equivalent to 266 cows, of 650 kg each). The use of this alp was for long time subject of border disputes between the farmers from Grindelwald and Haslital, since the main part of its surface lies east of the watershed in the Reichenbach valley. The myth of Zwirgiriiter tells about the demarcation. It’s the spirit of someone from Grindelwald  who made a false oath in order to decide the border dispute and now does not find rest.

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