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Grimsel Hospice

The first hospice on the Grimsel called Grimselspittel was built between 1382 and 1397 at the foot of the “Nollen”. It was an important base along the trade route over the Grimsel and served hemmers and hikers as a secure hostel, and was same time trading center, warehouse and hospital. Later, the housing was interesting for other activities: Scholars, painters and climbers used the relatively comfortable accommodation for their purposes. With the construction of the dams Spitallamm and Seeuferegg and the emerging of Lake Grimsel in 1929 the story of the legendary Grimselspittel ended: it was removed as far as possible and transferred to the Nollen, the walls disappeared beneath the waves in the reservoir. The new Grimsel Hospice was constructed on the Nollen; the first electrically heated hotel in Europe. It offers today all comforts and since 2011 it is also open during winter.

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    On the Old Merchant Trail at Grimsel Pass
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