Tectonic Arena Sardona

Glacial mills Alp Mora

Lined up like a string of pearls, the whirlpools on Alp Mora form veritable bathtubs. Sand and gravel have been grinding against the gray limestone rock ribs with the water movement of the stream for thousands of years. The rock ribs date back to the Jurassic period and already have a few million years more under their belt.

Bathing in the whirlpools takes a bit of overcoming, because the name is not a coincidence. The pools at 2100 meters above sea level warm up a bit in summer, but only the intrepid dare to take a refreshing dip. However, a short jump into the crystal clear water is wonderfully refreshing and provides a certain adrenaline kick. The whirlpool pots are filled even when the Maliensbach has no water.

From Bargis, the first ascent takes you to Alp Lavadignas. From here you continue hiking along the imposing rock walls to the high valley Muletg and past the avalanche barrier Platt'Alva. From there it is only a few minutes to the whirlpools on Alp Mora.

The hike from Bargis and back takes about 6.5 hours.

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    to Fidaz, Bargis
  • By car to Flims or Laax, continue with the Flims Falera Shuttle to Trin or Bargis.