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The castle on the Feschti in Niedergesteln originated in the 12th century and was considered as impregnable. The castle is the most impressive facility of its kind in the Upper Valais matching the power of the barons of Turn, especially thanks to its typical position on a rocky outcrop. According to the findings made by experts in the ruins, it is assumed that the fortress was built in three stages as indicated by the three service sections.
In a first step in the 12th century, the round tower and the bastion were built.
In the 13th century followed the palatial building with a ground-plan of 40 x 13 meters and castle walls with a maximum width of up to 3 meters. The path through the monumental ramp dates also from this period.
During the last stage the third defense posture was built, which includes further down more buildings with service housings, farm buildings and a cistern (called “red Wiichüefa”).

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