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Funicular Reichenbach Waterfalls

With the nostalgic funicular, which was put into operation on June 8, 1899, you overcome easily the altitude of around 240 meters, over which the waters of the Reichenbach river thunder down. The pioneers of the funicular had the aim to make the Reichenbach waterfalls accessible to a wide public. They received in 1896 the necessary concession for the construction from the Federal Council. The funicular started with considerable financial problems, dual bankruptcy, several changes of ownership and interruption of its operations during the First World War. The train was powered with electric energy from the very beginning. The electricity plant company Reichenbach AG took over its operation in 1922, and in 1930 the drive system has been renewed for the first time. Major renovations were made as a follow-up of an inspection in 1998. In this occasion the cable cars were reconstructed faithfully with wooden structures and the large arched bridge over the river Reichenbach was restored, and a new control system installed. The funicular was put in conditions to run for many more years.