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Current project

NRP project 2020-2024: cooperation platform to create synergies in the field of World Heritage

Thanks to the support of the federal government and the cantons, among others, WHES was established as a competence centre in the World Heritage field a few years ago. This project now aims to increase this competence by further intensifying the cooperation between the individual parties.

In this context, a platform is to be created to enable and simplify discussion. The aim is to connect parties in the World Heritage field (tourism, science, the authorities, etc.) at the regional, national and international level too. By linking the different areas to a central platform, the parties involved can contact one another more easily, thereby removing obstacles. The objective is to break down scientific figures so that they can also be used in the field of negotiation or drafting offers, for example. On the other hand, tourist data should be prepared in such a way that they may be useful for science. Furthermore, the various authorities involved might also be networked better as far as the topic of World Heritage is concerned, as they will receive access to a comprehensive tool in the field of World Heritage.

The ongoing NRP (New Regional Policy) project is co-financed by the federal government (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO) as well as the following cantons:

  •  Grisons (lead canton)
  •  Berne
  •  Glarus
  •  Neuchâtel
  •  St. Gallen
  •  Ticino
  •  Valais



INNOTOUR project, 2010/2011: premium product, “Experience unique Switzerland”

With the objective of driving forward the development of services for World Heritage properties and biosphere reserves, an INNOTOUR application premium product “Experience unique Switzerland” was submitted to SECO in summer 2010, and this was approved by the end of 2010. Thanks to this financial support for the years 2010 and 2011, WHES (former UNESCO Destination Schweiz) were able to develop an initial modular system of offers, together with partners from ground / tour operating (GO/TO) and public transport. They were thereby able to improve the capacity for booking with the individual World Heritage properties / biosphere reserves.


NRP project, 2013-2015: Experience Unique Switzerland

Following the completion of the preceding INNOTOUR project (2010-2011), the NRP project “Experience unique Switzerland” started up on 01/01/2013. Thanks to the financial support of the federal government and the cantons, it was possible to consolidate and structure the development work of the previous years. An office was set up with the objective of further developing networked offers, promoting cooperation for creating synergies, as well as supporting label holders in the implementation of current topics such as innovation and quality assurance.


NRP project, 2016-2019: expansion and development of the World Heritage tourism competence centre

Building on the five defined roles of “networking, knowledge management, developing products and services, quality assurance and visibility”, the activities of the office have been continuously extended. With a strong focus on the development of new offers, it has been possible to further promote sustainable tourism in the World Heritage properties. The (international) network of parties involved with World Heritage properties has also been extended on an ongoing basis, and active cooperation with new partners has been sought. Due to the constantly rising number of partners, requirements have also increased. The original primarily tourist demands have grown. This necessitated more coordination by the office than at the start of the project. However, at the same time, it also shows the potential in the World Heritage field. Valuable synergies can be created through targeted cooperation between the individual partners.