Monte San Giorgio

1 Day on Monte San Giorgio: in search of fossils

Immerse yourself in the World Heritage: a one-day programme awaits you to spend with family or friends in the world of the fossils!

Programme suggestion to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Monte San Giorgio" in one day.


10:00 - 10:45 guided fossil walk

Embark on a guided walk along the transnational geopalaeontological trail with purple signposts towards the Acqua del Ghiffo excavation site, which is a 45-minute walk from Meride. Along the way you can visit the Terrazza della Val Mara and the old Saurolo factory (Camino Spinirolo).

The Terrazza della Val Mara have been officially inaugurated in April 2019. It is also a kind of classroom in the forest, aimed at a mixed audience of adults and young people, enriched by binoculars and numerous learning contents. Nestled in the woods just above the Gaggiolo stream, at one of the most suggestive viewpoints of Monte San Giorgio, from where you can observe and almost touch the imposing rock face of Calcare di Meride. 


11: 00 - 12:00 Acqua del Ghiffo

The Acqua del Ghiffo excavation site offers the opportunity to learn about palaeontological excavation techniques and admire reconstructions of the Triassic sea and the animals that inhabited it, in a didactic hall called the "Carpanee". It is truly an open-air museum and out-of-school classroom, accessible to everyone, day and night, all year round.


12:00 - 13:30 Outdoor snack and return hike

Good to know: For outdoor snacks, pre-booking is required if it is to be organised by the guide.


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