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Digital GeoMedia Survey

The UNESCO-Chair on Observation and Education of World Heritage and Biosphere Reserves at the Heidelberg University of Education is analysing the use of digital GeoMedia at UNESCO sites. Through an online survey, the UNESCO-Chair would like to understand the knowledge and experience level of staff and management bodies of various UNESCO designated sites (World Heritage Sites, Biosphere reserves and Geoparks) regarding the use of several types of digital GeoMedia (e.g., remote sensing with satellite or drone data, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)). Improved knowledge of and skills with GeoMedia tools can significantly support the monitoring, documentation, planning, and mediation around UNESCO designated sites, especially considering the growing and interconnected challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and implementing the SDGs.

The results of the survey will flow into the design of GeoMedia capacity development training courses, which, after completion of the project, will be shared with you free of charge. These courses will help you become more autonomous and empower you to use digital geomedia in your daily work.

Link to the survey:
Duration of the survey: about 15 minutes
Deadline: 20 June 2024