Our heritage
Abbey of St. Gall

Mandana Roozpeikar

Head of Operations Exhibitions and Education in the Abbey of St.Gallen

How would you describe your role within the World Heritage Site?
Recently, I was introduced at an event as "Madame Abbey". I think that's a good description of my role. Through my work I try to make the Abbey District visible and known as a brand. I achieve this by placing advertisements, taking care of the press, maintaining networks and with my team, which offers guided tours and workshops and develops new and exciting placement offers. At the same time, I am the contact person for the shop and supervisory team, which act as a calling card for the World Heritage Site, as well as for the various committees that together form the Abbey District.

What's your favorite place? Can you tell us some secrets?
My favorite place is near the fountain in the monastery courtyard. When the weather is nice and you can hear the sound of the fountain, the view wanders in front of the mighty towers of the cathedral towards the old town, I feel moments of happiness. The green lawn, the white wall of the church, the cloudless blue sky and the typical decorated houses take you back in time.  And for a brief moment the hectic pace of everyday life is forgotten.

What activities do you recommend on this site?
For families with children of reading age I recommend the game of puzzles. It is a small, carefully designed booklet with many tasks for the whole family. A bag with auxiliary materials such as compass, mirror, red sheets, etc. will help you find answers. Also, you are not alone. A fictitious bear-shaped figure accompanies you in your search for clues. During the approx. 2-hour tour through the abbey district, you have an exciting and unusual insight into the cultural history of St. Gallen.


March 2020