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Lochsiten Trail

Take a walk to the most famous geological outcrop of the Glarus Main Thrust!

At the most famous geological outcrop in Switzerland at Lochsite, 250-300 million year old Verrucano rocks lie above younger, 35-50 million year old Flysch rocks. Scientists from all over the world have been researching this rock face for 200 years. The knowledge gained at this site has revolutionized the understanding of mountain building. In particular, they recognized how mountain ranges were formed by blanket overthrusts. Previously, earth scientists had assumed that mountain ranges were formed due to the shrinkage of the earth associated with the cooling of the earth.

With the help of the information panels and staging at the Lochsite, you become a scientist yourself.

After visiting the Lochsite, it is clear to everyone: the "Alpine folding" does not exist!

Short Info
1 km
15 min.
Start altitude
570 m a.s.l.
End altitude
570 m a.s.l.
17 m
17 m
Lowest point
570 m a.s.l.
Highest point
587 m a.s.l.

Various restaurants in Schwanden.


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  • In Schwanden GL turn off in the direction of Elm. After about 4 minutes you will see the unmistakable "Lochsiten" staging.

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