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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

The Neo-Gothic Chapel on Lüsgen

The neo-Gothic chapel on Lüsgen was built in 1883/1884 by the owner of the Hotel Belalp, Gervas Klingele for the guests, mostly Anglican guests, who also supported financially the construction. For decades an English pastor celebrated in the chapel, also called “Temple” by the locals, the Anglican service. Meanwhile it was forbidden to Catholics to celebrate the Mass in the same chapel. Therefore, the Catholic service was celebrated in the rooftop room of the «Pinta», a hut nearby demolished by now. There was an initiative for a new building of a Catholic chapel on Lüsgen in 1930. Due to the turmoil of the Second World War no Anglican services were celebrated any more in the neo-Gothic chapel. The Bishop of Sion allowed in 1941 to use the chapel for the Catholic service because the new building became obsolete.