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Rudolphs‘ Tayloria Moss

The Rudolphs’ Tayloria moss (Tayloria Rudolphiana) is a rare and protected moss species which grows almost exclusively on branches of very old, exposed sycamore trees in humid locations in the mountain and sub-alpine stages. 
The Rudolphs’ Tayloria moss forms in the capsules numerous spores that serve for the reproduction. These spores have a slightly sticky surface and adhere against each other. Therefore it is unlikely that they will be spread by the wind as is typical for most other moss species. Furthermore there are indications that special fragrances are produced at the capsule to attract flies. Globally, the species is found only in the Northern Alps and sporadically in China.
Its distribution in the World Heritage Regions is restricted to humid locations in the Bernese area (Kiental and Reichenbach valleys).


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