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Holy Week Processions of Mendrisio

Processions of the Holy Week of Mendrisio

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ancient and living traditions, for over 400 years

The Processions are held in Mendrisio on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday every year. An unmissable and unique event, where history becomes a spectacle in the perpetuation of tradition. As they make their way through the streets of the town, a soft light is given off by the “Trasparenti”, translucent paintings on canvas mounted on “boxes” and lit up from within. Crafted using a special technique dating back to the eighteenth century, the “Trasparenti” are a characteristic feature of the Processions and a fundamental element of the candidacy. The Maundy Thursday Procession represents the Passion and the Stations of the Cross, featuring around 270 participants. The Good Friday Procession is more austere and solemn, with over 700 participants.


Fondazione Processioni Storiche di Mendrisio
Via Vecchio Ginnasio
6850 Mendrisio
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