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Ornovasso Tower

The Ornavasso tower’s origin is in the 13th century and it is named after the former owner's family «von Ornavasso» which received the estate by marriage. The Municipality Naters may have come into possession of the property in the 16th century. In the 19th century the tower housed a match factory and burned 2 times completely down, it remained in the late 19th century without staircase and roof. When the Municipality wanted to use the tower as a quarry for a new school building in 1876, a troop from Natischerberg prevented its demolition with scythes, sticks and forks. The organized resistance had even a healing effect on an elderly gentleman in Blatten, who participated in the protest despite severe back pain and he consequently returned home completely healthy… The dubious circumstances of the Council decision to demolish the tower resulted in a dismissal of the entire Council at the subsequent elections, and the leader of the protest, Anton Imhof, received the nickname "ds Gsetz" (the law). The Ornavasso tower became itself the schoolhouse in 1899, but lost much of its monumental appearance due to the extension on the east side in 1928-1930.

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