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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Natterloch (Snake Hole)

The snake hole, may be the reason for Naters’ name, was inhabited in ancient times by a greyish dragon which attracted from all around, even from Briger mountain, people and cattle by its poisonous breath and devoured them.

Therefore a man condemned to death was promised to save his life, if he freed the community of this monster. He had a leather clothing customized, surrounded himself with cutting and piercing tools and went with a sharp sword and a dagger toward the dragon.

Even though the fighter defended valiantly against the dragon, he was so stunned by the poisonous breath coming out of the throat of the dragon that he was overcome and swallowed. But God, whom he called previously fervently did not abandon him. The intersecting weapons which surrounded the man penetrated and pierced the intestine of the dragon, so he could get out of the belly with the help of his dagger. As he got out of his ugly grave and saw the dragon lying dead at his feet, he took off his leather gloves and raised gratefully his dagger soaked with poison to heaven. But in this moment a drop of the terrible dragon toxin fell on his hand, and killed him.