Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Museum of the Swiss Guard

The Museum of the Swiss Guard is located in the former artillery fortress in Naters. The military fortress was built in 1939/1940 and since then repeatedly modernized. Its cannons protected the strategically important Simplon pass and the Simplon railway tunnel. The fortress housed up to 200 men and has all the facilities, from the kitchen to the arrest premises, like a small subterranean village. Until 2002 the fortress was secret. Meanwhile, the municipality Naters bought the facilities and opened here the Guards Centre in November 2006. The  museum tells the story of the Swiss Guard, existing for more than 500 years, which is dedicated to the protection of the Pope and the Vatican City. In the museum there are various relics of former Swiss Guards, some of them stimulate to reflection, others also to smiling.

Stiftung Kulturzentrum Päpstliche Schweizergarde
3904 Naters
  +41 27 923 01 19