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Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

Groundbreaking school trip - "Bernina" excursion program

This offer is available in German only

Not only the train ride on the UNESCO World Heritage Line is spectacular. The "Bernina" excursion programme is just as interesting. This school trip includes a visit to the glacier mills in Cavaglia and/or a visit to Poschiavo's museums (Museo Poschiavino, Casa Tome or Museo Casa Console) on the daily schedule. If desired, this offer can also be combined with a hike on the Via Albula/Bernina and a lunch included for CHF 10 per person.

Recommended age: from 4th grade onwards
Duration: 1 day (ticket redeemable within 7 days)
Price per pupil: CHF 25 (incl. 2nd class rail journey from all Rhaetian Railway stations) or CHF 48 (incl. 2nd class rail journey from a station in Switzerland)
Group size: variable (for groups of 30 or more, please check availability of guides/restaurants)


Rhaetian Railway
7001 Chur
  +41 81 288 65 65
  • Schedule
    to Cavaglia
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    Implementation period

    01 May to 31 October (Mondays to Fridays)