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Crystal Museum Rufibach

The museum was established in 1975 and is now home to 38 display cases with a wide variety of alpine minerals: quartz, smoky quartz, pink fluorite, adularia, amiante , epidote, hematite (iron roses), anatase, brookite, rutile, ankerite, calcite , etc. The majority of the exhibited crystal steps comes from the unique crystal cavern at the Zinggenstock discovered in the early sixties by Ernst and Hans (died 1971) Rufibach. The most important finding of the museum, the " Zinggenstock-Cavern" has also been described in various publications such as the Mondo book "Minerals, Hidden Treasures of our Alps" (Mondo - Publisher 1973), in the “Schweizer Strahler” and the “Urner Mineralienfreund”. Other interesting information can be found in the book by Ernst Rufibach "Joys and sorrows in the life of a crystal searcher and mountain guide", 2000, published by the Crystal Museum Guttannen. The museum is located in middle of the village Guttannen (BE) in the Hasli valley on the Grimsel pass road.

Kristallmuseum Rufibach
Ernst und Rosmarie Rufibach
3864 Guttannen
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