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Chapel St. Antonius

The chapel at the very back of Klosi at the northern edge of the village of Naters was built in 1750. To raise money for the first restoration between 1935-1938, the pastor Tscherrig announced from the pulpit during the mass: "Also bigger donations for the purpose of the restoration (of the Klosikapell) are gratefully accepted. The reimbursement will be the task of St. Anthonius."

St. Anthonius is the patron saint of the cities of Padua, Lisbon, Paderborn and Hildesheim and the professions baker, swineherds, miners and social workers. He is called for help in infertility, fever, pest, shipwreck, warfare and livestock diseases as well as for retrieval of objects (therefore his joke name Schlampertoni). In addition, he may help to a good birth, to aging and to a good harvest. Particularly known is his patronage for poor (donations for people in need are collected under the name Anthonius bread).

The last restoration of the chapel was realized in the early 90s with a substantial cost of 300.000 CHF.

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