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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch


For a long time, people had avoided the high mountains. But in the late 18th century scientists, writers and painters were increasingly inspired by the alpine landscapes. They were followed by wealthy travelers who had not anymore been driven by curiosity, but from hunger for experience. The mountains were no longer merely discovered but quasi conquered. The Jungfrau was the first four-thousand meters peak in the Swiss Alps to be climbed in 1811. In the following decades, the first ascents followed one by one. Hence, some alpinists made veritable competitions. The first ascent on the Breithorn on 31 July 1865 was even dramatic. Two rope teams who had kept their plans secret in front of each other until last moment were on the way. While starting from the bivouac on the Wetterlücke the geologist Edmund von Fellenberg noted that the mountain guide Christian Almer from Grindelwald followed him closely. After several hours competitive climbing, von Fellenberg reached the summit ridge, ran over the crest and reached the virgin summit first. Only ten minutes later also Almer reached the target.