Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

Aare Gorge

The Kirchet is a massive rock barrier of limestone between Innertkirchen in the east and Meiringen and Schattenhalb in the west. When the Aare glacier after the last Ice Age retired, the Kirchet blocked the course of the river Aare across the entire width of the Hasli valley. Over time, the meltwater intermixed with sand and stones cut deep grooves into the rock. In this way arose in the Kirchet several ravines. The Aare is nowadays flowing through the largest and most impressive gorge. From spring to autumn, the Aare is walkable. Hikers walk on safe boardwalks along the vertical rock walls, under the mysterious-threatening noises and gurgling of the water. In some places the gorge is so narrow that their walls seem almost touching. Bizarre formations and impressive layers bear witness of the shaping force of the water.

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