Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

1 Day with the Rhaetian Railway Albula/Bernina

Immerse yourself in the World Heritage for a day! Spend a day with family or friends in the world of the Rhaetian Railway!

Programme tip by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB)

  • 08:58 - 10:12 Journey on the UNESCO World Heritage Line: Thusis - Bergün

From Thusis, the Rhaetian Railway climbs through helical tunnels and over viaducts up the Albula Valley towards the Upper Engadine. The line, harmoniously embedded in the landscape, is a showpiece from the time of the railway pioneers and is a UNESCO World Heritage. Other travel connections:

More information about the World Heritage line can be found here.

  • 10:12 - 13:14 Stopover in Bergün: Albula Railway Museum & Lunch

The Albula Railway Museum in Bergün guides railway enthusiasts and families through the railway history of Graubünden. 600 exhibits from more than 100 years of railway history bear witness to pioneering deeds in Graubünden, to the people who shaped the railway - and landscapes that were shaped by it. Discarded station clocks, historical documents or plans for the construction of the engineering structures show the history and significance of the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage route between Thusis and Tirano.

In the Büfèt Railway Museum Albula, you can relax in the original seating furniture of various dining and saloon cars. A wide selection of coffees, assorted teas, freshly prepared meals and homemade cakes are served. Enjoy it all according to the motto: travel, drink and dine.

  • 13:14 - 14:00 Onward journey on the UNESCO World Heritage Line: Bergün - St. Moritz

  • 14:00 - 16:02 Walk around the lake in St. Moritz

St. Moritz is considered the birthplace of the Alpine holidays and is known throughout the world as a beautiful Alpine metropolis. Stylish and charming, St. Moritz celebrates winter days alike summer days, like in a picture book: the walk around Lake St. Moritz takes about 1 hour. This leaves enough time to warm up or cool down, depending on the season, with a coffee or tea in a restaurant before returning to the lower part of Graubünden by Rhaetian Railway. 

Tip for chilly winter days: If there is black ice on Lago Bianco, this is another highlight to visit!

  • 16:02 - 17:31 Return journey on the UNESCO World Heritage Line: St. Moritz - Thusis

Return journey to Chur also possible.



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