Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

1 Day with the Rhaetian Railway Albula/Bernina: Winter

Immerse yourself in the winterly World Heritage for a day! Spend a day with family or friends in the world of the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina landscapes!

Programme tip by the Rhaetian Railway team

08:58 - 10:12 Journey on the UNESCO World Heritage route: Thusis - Bergün

From Thusis, the Rhaetian Railway climbs through helical tunnels and over viaducts up the Albula Valley towards the Upper Engadine. The line, harmoniously embedded in the landscape, is a showpiece from the time of the railway pioneers and is a UNESCO World Heritage


10:12 - 12:00 Stopover in Bergün: Albula Railway Museum

The Albula Railway Museum in Bergün guides railway enthusiasts and families through the railway history of Graubünden. Old railway paraphernalia, films and models delight visitors. In the simulator of the legendary crocodile locomotive, visitors guide the locomotive itself over the Albula line. A guided tour can be booked on-site (max 15 people per guide).


12:00 - 13:14 Lunch in the Railway Museum

Lunch will be served in the Büffèt of the Railway Museum where you can relax in the original seating furniture of various dining and saloon cars. A wide selection of coffees, teas, freshly prepared meals and homemade cakes are served. Enjoy it according to the motto: travel, drink and dine. 


13:14-16:47 Tobogganing in the UNESCO World Heritage

Take the sports railway in Bergün up to Preda before the tobogganing fun begins in the direction of Bergün. From 1800 metres above sea level, it's downhill - on the closed Albula Pass road, around at least as many bends as the railway for about 6 km. But faster and with more snow flurries. The brave take the chairlift to Darlux instead and sledge down the steep slope to Bergün. 


16:47 - 17:31 Return journey on the UNESCO World Heritage route: Bergün - Thusis.




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